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Stories in depth


A tale of the value of depth through the eyes of those who live it every day.

Cartizze and Sparkling wines

Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG
Extra Dry

This was our first born. Each bottle contains the patience to create it and the impatience to taste it.

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Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG
Zero - Brut

A sparkling wine that hides nothing and reveals what's in the grape and beneath the soil.

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Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG
Extra Brut

This is our Extra Brut version of Prosecco Superiore that is a must for extraordinary evenings.

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Bottle-fermented sparkling white wine
Col Fondo

«The only wine that my father bottled and that I continue to bottle to fully respect tradition».
Mirco Grotto.

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White Spumante
Quintovino - Brut Nature

Glera, Pinot nero and Chardonnay: a trio of vines form Garbara's fifth wine.

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White Spumante
NUMERO6 - Brut

The sixth creation: a sparkling wine that expresses its extraordinary height in its bubbles.

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White wine
Souvignier Gris

The Souvignier Gris Garbara differs in its composed balance, the result of a robust and resistant vine which guarantees a naturally sustainable approach.

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Garbara sparkling wines are born from the highest expression of the Valdobbiadene region: the Cartizze hills.


And, in the generations of a family and in the layers of the soil, they find the tradition of farming knowledge and the vocation of a land.

We see the art of Nature in a land in the composition of elements. Just as we can see or feel the nature of an art in a work or its sensitivity toward contemporary social issues. And we see the nature of a ma 
in his capacity to preserve, express or sustain them.

There is nothing deeper than the bond between man and earth. In this balance we rediscover the highest value of the human being.

It is man’s ability to open up to the unexplored that elevates him to better versions of himself.

It is the profound attitude of knowing the different that allows us to discover new flavors of life.

It is the depths of humanity that make a man a superior being. Not the colour of his skin.

Only if you stand on your toes can you reach the measure that best represents you: the fatigue of internal equilibrium.

It is in the depth of the eyes that we see the nature of man, and in the capacity to welcome him that we see the nature of art.

Every moment of every day is a key that you press. Each time you press it, a note rises to compose the flavour of life.

There is a taste for life that can be cultivated only when it is blended with special vintages. Knowledge also has a flavour.

Every act of violence against a woman is an expression of the inferiority of the exercise of power, which is the opposite of the depth of being human.



Treat yourself to a winery tasting at our relaxing corner in the hills of Valdobbiadene, with the opportunity to purchase our wines.


At 330 metres above sea level, the Glera vine expresses the identity of the Cartizze land and the Valdobbiadene cru.
Only at certain depths can certain heights be reached.



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