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Stories in depth

In depth we rediscover our essence

Unique, authentic, created by multiple layers that together make up our identity.
Going deep into our actions, our knowledge, our experiences elevates us to better versions of ourselves, causing us to discover the best.
In Garbara it is the deep and intimate relationship with the land that brings to the surface sparkling wines of superior taste. An earth unique in the world: that of Cartizze.

Grotto family

There is nothing deeper than the earth. The Grotto family, which carries on the art of sparkling wine production in the prestigious Cartizze area with care and passion, knows this well. A unique bond that starts from the layers of the soil and goes up through the bubbles: a story of depth for four generations.

Mirko Artuso - Actor and Director

Like the earth, human beings are made up of layers that feed their identity day after day. Everyday experiences and the people we meet leave a mark, memories that open up different memories. According to Mirko Artuso, actor and director, everything we experience builds our story, from the depths to the surface of our soul.

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