45°54’ N 11°55’ E


There is something
superior deep down.

In the land of Cartizze


In the Cartizze, Nature generally takes charge of balancing opposites. Constant ventilation keeps the leaves dry even after the rain. The alternating high and low temperatures compose the notes of the wine. The heat of the sun matures the grapes and forms the sugars within them. The cold of night enriches their skin with aromatic substances, and forms acids in the pulp. In the vineyard, night does what day does not. There is something superior in that, too.

There is nothing more ancient than the soil on Earth.

It knows depths that man cannot imagine.

Epochs, civilisations, adventures, discoveries, inventions, men: it remembers everything.

The seabed, clay, sea sands: a rebellious builder stratifying the land.

It designed its width in its hectares, modelled its height in metres, composing it of fantastic ingredients. It gave it an identity, an origin, a vocation. It is the soil that we cannot see, but that we can feel thanks to the vines. As an expert narrator, the plant draws in the ancient material of the soil
and transforms it into a new vintage every year. There is something superior in that.

Upside down


In its contorted position, it needs a solid and original base, a foundation of many layers. There below, it twists and stretches its roots deep down, and then rises to the surface and express its heights with bubbles.

It is a journey from the depths to the heights through layers created by time in that unique space. From the subsoil to the altitude of its hill, 330 metres above sea level.

As in life, the vine needs to arrive at certain depths in order to reach certain heights.

In the depths of superiority


It is the most primordial symptom of its being alive. The earth is alive between the low and high temperatures offered by the terroir. Microelements of the soil in a microclimate that is 1.5 degrees Celsius above average.

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